The Tutankhamen Code
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Be Wise, Be Solomon

     Although The Tutankhamen Code is a novel, some historical figures are set in a time and place altogether different from what we have been led to believe in the past.    The conscientious reader will examine the facts before dismissing the changes outright.     He or she will look carefully at each point and decide for him or herself, which is more likely to be the real truth.    If one iota of doubt still remains, then each reference can and should be checked.    The search for King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba is still not over.    This book was completed before more evidence concerning the Queen's identity emerged, and this is fully explained in the End Notes.

     Brief notes are appended at the bottom of the relevant page.    Those requiring a more extensive explanation are given in the Appendix of Facts and Speculation, in the sequence that they arise in the story.    The casual reader may refer to them in that order.     Anyone more seriously minded is invited to establish at the outset the truth about King Solomon, his life, family, and residence.    There are many facts that just cannot be ignored, and each point is clearly set out in Note F10.     Comparisons are made between statements made about Solomon in Book 1 Kings of the Bible and known historical and archaeological facts that we now know about King Amenhotep III of Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt.    There is only a slight linguistic difference between the two names, which after translation are much closer than is for instance the English 'John' to the Italian 'Giovanni'.    Add to that many other matching comparisons in reputation, family, wealth, palaces, the temple, city, administration, the 80,000 stone quarry men, wives, concubines, name of son, chariotry, the many gods, a 40-year reign, the Heprw sign and belief, Amenhotep III's unmistakeable Semite features, and we either have the most remarkable run of coincidences that has ever happened, or we have found our man.

     With this in mind everything else begins to fall into place, as any conscientious researcher will discover.    It is doubtful that any of Egypt's kings, queens or subjects would have wanted their remains to be disentombed and put on display.    In the case of one man, this has not only happened, but a promise made to him has not yet been honoured.    In Genesis 50:25/26 Joseph asks his people to take his body with them, but they merely embalmed and buried him in Egypt.    Had the promise been kept, then it would have been recorded as it was for Jacob in Genesis 50:12/13.     Today Jacob's mummy lies ignominiously in the Cairo Museum and one can sense his spirit crying out for recognition and a proper burial in his people's land, as was promised him.

Who To Believe

     Many years ago when the latest acquisition that everyone had to have was the new 'biro' pen, a late Uncle of mine was confronted by a man on a Mediterranean beach.     "Please Sir, the man said, "I am an honest man".     My uncle immediately surmised that in all possibility, honesty was the least of the stranger's virtues.     When a handful of the new pens was produced my wise old uncle quickly and astutely recognised the pens for what they really were, fakes.

     Some fakes though are extremely difficult to separate from the real thing, especially when their origin has been lost and disguised through the mists of countless centuries.    The first lesson when seeking true facts is not to take anything as being the genuine article without meticulously questioning and finding out for oneself, no matter how well respected may be its reputation or the one who is trying to 'sell' it to you.    In fact, the more something is 'pushed', the less authentic it is likely to be.

     Just ask yourself whether you would buy or accept anything that was in anyway flawed.      Ask yourself too, if you would be taken in by an advertisement that told you one thing, and then something completely different elsewhere within its prospectus.    My search for truth started when I took a good look at Acts 10:39 in the New Testament.    This verse reads "And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree."     Something was really wrong.    If one story was wrong, what about all the rest?

      I looked again, and I wondered.     Before long I had found more and bigger holes in the story than those that sank the Titanic.    Yet there was still a very stong message remaining.    The next question was how true was it, and where did it come from.    I had to read many books and check many references before the whole picture became clear.

     What emerged in the end was at first completely beyond what I had ever expected, and seemingly very far fetched.    The facts are there though, most of them engraved in stone thousands of years ago, and long before the era that they were to be accredited to, by later scribes.

     What was also just as astonishing was that several others had found the source of the Gospels in Ancient Egypt, and as far back as 1907 when Egyptologist Gerald Massey published his life's work, "Ancient Egypt - Light of the World".    Yet, very few people have even noticed.

     This novel stems from my hunt for the truth, which is a commodity far more precious than any precious metal or jewelry.

Where To Next?

     The History of the Ancient World shows that there has always been an enormous religious upheaval at the beginning of New Age.    It is happening again, and judging by the growing profusion of new books, Aquarius is ushering in a vast change to all that we once believed to be true.    It is also remarkable that in the short space of a little more than one century, many of the old beliefs are beginning to surface again through the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi discoveries, and the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone.    It is as if some greater Intelligence or some Overseer of the Human Race has engineered the change.

     When the Age of Aries arrived, there was great conflict and war between those who still revered all that they had been taught under Taurus, and the priests of Amen who were guiding their flocks into the New Age of that era.    The old ways survived for at least another two millennia with the Bull still being venerated in Egypt in the days of Cleopatra.    Through Judaism and even Christianity, Amen is still recognised today, even though another upheaval came with the advent of the Age of Pisces.

     The old it seems will always survive to some extent with some facets of an old religion filtering through into the next.    The big difference today is that Aquarius is making us aware of all that went before.    As always we should learn from the past.    What was true then remains true today.    All we have to do now is discard the unnecessary baggage and all the trappings that was casting a cloak over history and preventing us from knowing what the original message was.

     Almost all who have had a 'Near Death Experience' have returned to tell the same story, no matter what God they believed in.    The Light at the end of the Tunnel remains the same, and for all the religions that emanated out from old Egypt, the name of the messenger remains practically the same, whether it be Iusu, Jesus, the Messiah, or Christ-Na (Krishna).

     Think of the New Age as a New Board Game.    Everything looks the same to start with, but the stage has changed.    The players have donned new identities with no memory of their past lives when they played the last game.    So with no extra cash and no idea how the dice may fall, the only way to gain some advantage apart from the luck of the game, is to delve into the history of old and forgotten competitions.    If the records have been interfered with, to show a 'No Through Road' as the most direct route to the winning post, then of course the player who places all of his or her bets on that course, is going to fail, again!

     Each player is on his or her own, despite initial help from family or counsellor.    The only sure way to plot a true course is to find out if one really has started out correctly.    When lost in a maze and coming to an abrupt stop in a dead end, we have to retrace our steps.    We have to go back to a point where the last path divided, and try the other.    In the game of Christianity this means going back to the Gnostics and seeing if their way was sufficiently correct to reach the ultimate goal.    The very wise though, will look farther back into old records and try to understand the initial gambits.

     Getting lost does not mean complete obliteration.    It wouldn't be logical for a creator to perfect life, and then discard any who had inadvertently lost their way.    The very fact that we have a strong instinct to help the sick and those in trouble proves that this was never the intention.    So if the man on the beach were to tell you that his pens and only his pens are genuine, do what my uncle did, and look the other way.

The Facts and notes quoted in this Book are therefore as I have found them.    The diligent should have no difficulty in checking them before accepting them or coming to some other opinion as to how they eventuated.

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