The Tutankhamen Code
The Chapters Continued

Chapter Eleven

     We catch up with Claude, Jacob and Mayebra who are still in Turkey.    At the Great Theatre in the old ruined city of Ephesus they come across the first clue that will set them off on a hunt that will start in the Tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Glyphs indicating a tomb

     Two of Al Saqar's replacements,from 'The Defenders of the Three Faiths', the Black Cardinal and the Hodja latch on to the friends intent on removing anyone in any way connected with the Brotherhood of the Rams of Aries.      High up in a mountain overlooking the Ancient City, close to the House of the Virgin Mary, they go to a Spring which is inside a recess in a wall.

The Spring Alcove by the House of the Virgin Mary

Hidden within the dark depths of the alcove they find a notebook containing two more clues

Glyphs meaning 'Go To' and Tutankhaten

directing them to the Tomb of Tutankhaten and some treasure that may still be there.    Pursuing a doctor who spoke to them in the Grand Theatre they go to the Liquorice Town of Soke, where they are confronted with a horrifying sight.    After returning to Izmir with yet another unexplained death, this time at the Parachute Tower, Shamil hurries the friends to a safe beach house, far from the city.

Beach Villas at Kalabaka

The Black Cardinal makes his move on the friends, but meets with an unexpected eruption.

Chapter Twelve

     Arrived safely in Cairo with Shamil, Claude separates from the friends to make a nostalgic visit to his old home city of Alexandria.    During a night of wild dreams, he is nightmared by memories of Abdullah and odd visions of mugs and repetition of the word, 'gully'.    After an enjoyable trip to the Corniche by tram he mistakes a police car for a 'stuffed' taxi, and events move on at a fast rate, until he is mistakenly taken captive by some bank robbers.    Taken to the 'City of the Dead' in Cairo, he is held prisoner in a lavishly furnished Mausoleum that is more like a small mansion than a tomb.

Mausoleum where Claude is held hostage

With Inspector Hamdi of the Alexandria Police Department on the case, Jacob has every hope that Claude will be found alive, though he has no inkling of who the kidnappers might be or that Bin Bubekir himself is the master criminal in charge of the bank robbers.    The friends decide to make their own plans to find and rescue Claude.

Chapter Thirteen

     Using a ploy from the past, the friends discover where Claude is being held.    But it is all too late.     A ghostly presence can always upset the best laid plans of mice and men.    The action steps up inside the Mausoleum resulting in what the police would term, 'Grievous Bodily Harm'.    Meanwhile three would be assassins make plans to take out their opposition at the Cairo Races, and thus put an end to any publicity that the Brotherhood might gain from the Pageantry of Installing a New Pharaoh.    The Reverend Black builds on his friendship with Balkeesha's parents in the Cairo Bazaar, Khan El-Khalili, in order to entice the all of the friends to the Races.    The scene is set with all the participants ready to play their parts, and in particular, The Hodja passing himself off as a Gully Gully man, with his little friend Stanley, a deadly carpet viper.    Of course nothing goes quite to plan, not even the main race which is shadowed by a famous world winner with a legendary name, reminiscent of Phar Lap.

Chapter Fourteen

     We take up the story of Bilqees once more when the Queen visits Abedju,modern Abydos, during the Festival of Uasar who was known to the Greeks as Osiris.    Before she arrives, she has a premonition and 'sees' far into the future to the time when the helicopter explodes in a ball of flame over Balkeesha's village.    Later she is startled to see an engraving of the strange flying machine in the Temple at Abydos.    The City is full of visitors, many of them hoping for a miracle cure as might be expected in Lourdes, today.    The Wab Kem, a renegade priest disguised as the Dog God Khent-Amenty uses the Festival Procession to escape from Abedju, with not a care about what might happen to his faithful 'priestesses'.

Chapter Fifteen

     All the colour and life of ancient Upper Egypt comes to life in this chapter.    Bilqees arrives in Waset, the Capital of Upper Egypt, also known as Uru-Salim, the City founded on Peace.    Introduced to Smen's father, Amenhotep III known to his Semite subjects as SalimAmen, she expresses her wonder when entering the Royal Palace at Malqata and praises the reality of the way it reflects life and nature.    Although it was author and scholar Ahmed Osman who identified the real King Solomon, newly noticed evidence is listed in the Facts and Speculation Appendix to substantiate what just has to be the truth.    The Prince discusses with the King how they may hide and protect the Kingdom's greatest treasure for prosperity, from a World that is beginning to crack and allow both vice and corruption to flourish.    Their plans lay a trail of clues and set the scene for Jacob, Claude and their friends to solve and follow three thousand, three hundred years into the future.     Terrorist 'bombs' could have put paid to the complicated scheme had the intended targets, the King and his son, not retired at that time to an outside verandah.

     The First Day of the Games begins with a ceremonial sprint by Smen, but the terrorists strike again turning the swimming display into something more colourful, though disastrous for those taking part.    The sheer magnificence of the great Temple and Pylon Gateways is truly something to read about and remember.    The chapter and this part of the story ends with a sparkling aerial fire display.

Chapter Sixteen

     At long last the friends arrive in Luxor and visit the Tomb of Ymntwtankh.    The Paintings on the Walls still hold the colours picked out by some ancient artist.    Though photographed and printed many times since the tomb was discovered in 1922, few people seem to have grasped the mind-blowing import that one particular scene portrays.    The Young King appears on the wall of his tomb as the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and his Ka or Holy Spirit.    On its own, it is remarkable, but when other glyphs that appear on his Shrine are read and understood it is nothing less than explosive.    Whilst these are all true facts which can easily be checked by anyone with a knowledge of Ancient Egyptian, the story of what is found on the wall of the Treasury is fiction.    The glyphs on Balkeesha's small treasure, a stone tablet,

Glyphs reading 'This Goose'

connect the tablet to a certain constellation on the wall, which the friends realise is directing them to the next step on their quest.    Anyone with a knowledge of the ancient zodiac as it was known in Egypt should be able to identify the constellation from Balkeesha's tablet.    Having done that, the next place to be examined should be obvious to any budding Egyptologist.

     Before the friends leave the Tomb, unknown opposition forces trigger another deterrent to throw them off the trail.    Worse is to follow when Jacob learns that his wife Sarah has been abducted and brought to Egypt.

Chapter Seventeen

     Jacob comes face to face with one of his adversaries, Bin Bubekir who offers to help rescue Sarah.    Though reluctant to accept aid from such a person, Jacob sees that he has little option and will have to concede to Bin Bubekir's demands in exchange for his help.    The Hodja follows Claude and his companions to the Golf Club in Luxor, but having had to follow the dress code, it isn't long before he makes a complete fool of himself, with a little help from Claude and a strong drive.

Hodja dressed for golf

     Sarah's kidnappers who are holding her captive on a River Yacht head south, up river, believing that the friends have gone to Hierakonpolis.    On the way, when the Yacht is tied up in a lock at Isna, the friends board the Yacht, and Abdullah carries off Sarah to safety.    Knowing that Inspector Hamdi is hot on the trail of Bin Bubekir, the very conspicuous Abdullah leaves Isna with a Camel Train.    The Sultana Christina visiting Luxor with a Belly Dancing Troupe befriends the Giant, and accompanies him to Isna where she plays a significant part in Sarah's rescue.

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