The Tutankhamen Code
The Chapters

Chapter One

     We meet our hero, Claude, in an exotic restaurant in Melbourne.    His simple pride in an old family heirloom attracts the attention of the mysterious Jacob Serkare.    Before long Claude is lured away to meet his destiny.    Tricked into boarding a small chartered jet in Singapore, an unexpected aerial attack over the wastes of Southern Arabia alerts him to the dangers that lie ahead.

Chapter Two

     Lulled at first into a state of contented relaxation under a thousand stars of an Arabian night, Claude's peace is soon shattered once more by a car bomb.    Resolving to escape from the hospitality of Jacob and his friends in Aden, Claude finds help from an unexpected quarter.     The shock ending to this chapter of his adventures leaves him with no alternative but to accept the situation and embark on the next stretch of his long journey into unknown territory.

Path from Crater up mountainside
Chapter Three

     Persuaded to continue his quest for the second bead holder, Claude is surprised that a country of green mountain villages perched above verdant fertile terraces in south-west Arabia could possibly exist.
Yemeni Terraces     Yemeni Mountain Village

Almost deterred by his first encounter with the giant Abdullah, he survives another attempt on his life, only to fall from a chasm bridge.
Yemeni Chasm Bridge and steps

Chapter Four

     How Balkeesha's mother, Makeeda, went to a cave near the ruins of Marib where she was 'visited' by the Archangel Jophiel and given the second bead.     We find out how it was that the sinister Al Saqar had his hawks attack Claude on the Chasm Bridge and meet once more Abdullah and his evil master, Hussein Bin Bubekir.

Chapter Five

     Leaving Claude and Balkeesha in the care of his friends Mayebra and Nessim, Jacob decides to fly home first to see his wife Sarah at their home in Asmara, before rejoining them on a Suez bound vessel from Massawa.     When Jacob is abducted by Al Saqar at Asmara, Mayebra and Claude fly across the Red Sea in the hope of finding him.    The paranormal dimension is touched upon with cloud formations and numeric attraction.

Chapter Six

     No sooner is one of the friends out of the frying pan, than all are nearly consumed in the fire, for having freed Jacob, they soon find themselves all at the mercy of Al Saqar when he hi-jacks their flight from Asmara to Cairo.    Forced into landing the aircraft in Turkey, an impasse is broken by an unexpected earthquake.

Chapter Seven

     When the friends relax with drinks, by the above ground swimming pool at their hotel in Izmir, Shamil a young Turkish officer, introduces himself as their appointed guide.

The Hotel Poolside Bar in Izmir

     Together the group explore the attractions of Izmir.    One of the said attractions turns out to be the notorious Christina, a belly dancer known as 'The Sultana' who has her own private harem.    Sedated and abducted by the luscious temptress, Claude comes to his senses in her harem.    What happens next need not be left to the imagination.    A full account is in the book.    When the Harem comes under attack by a squadron of yellow and black striped invaders acting under the command of Shamil, Claude is able to make his escape    Evading an army of Janissaries on the march, our hero conceals himself among a band of whirling dervishes.

Chapter Eight

     Nessim and Nazreth embark with Balkeesha and her parents on a voyage that will take them up the Red Sea to Suez.    Balkeesha slips back in time to her earlier existence as the legendary Bilqees.    All the colour and excitement of life in Ancient Egypt becomes reality for her.    A stranger, she meets by chance at a festival fair, turns out to be the Prince Salim, son of King Amenhotep III.    Salim or rather Smen as Bilqees comes to know him, escorts her back to her ship, in a Nile River boat.    But the Nile is in flood, and before long their boat is in deep trouble.

Chapter Nine

     A crocodile attack brings a young Egyptian officer Ahmes to the rescue, and soon after the Royal Ship arrives in the Capital City of Inebhedj.

The Royal Bark

     After consulting the Oracle the Royal Party continue upstream, encountering on the way, a group of Hindi's.    Bilqees has much to consider after having her fortune read, although there was no warning that she and the Prince would be entombed in The Labyrinth made famous by Herodotus.

Chapter Ten

     Back in the present, Balkeesha and her parents go ashore at Jeddah where she helps a Minister to free Abdullah from his subconscious fear of certain carpets and inner torment.    The giant feels indebted to the young lady, and the Minister, the Reverend Black befriends Balkeesha and her family and friends.    Back on board their northbound vessel an incident triggers another trip into the past for Balkeesha, and her adventures on the Nile with Smen are continued.    The horror of entombment in the Labyrinth returns.    Saved by Samsamen, Abdullah's alter ego of the past, Bilqees and Smen part company, but are soon brought together again, after she is abducted by bandits.    Bilqees is saved once more by Samsamen and we learn why Abdullah was terror stricken by the carpets.

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